How to Increase Your Sales Using Video Marketing

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a small business in the neighborhood. He was telling me about different ways he uses to advertise his business both online and offline. He talked about how much video marketing has made a huge difference in his business and has really increased his sales. He said that video marketing has changed his business over night and he could not believe the increase in sales he had as a result of having a simple video created and distributed to different video websites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, and many of the other video websites online.

I myself have been doing video marketing for a few years now and I can see how videos can bring a lot of targeted visitors to my business and e-commerce website. Currently, Video website referrals represent more than half of all of the visitors to my e-commerce website.

Video marketing and advertising outweighs everything else in the results it produces. More importantly, the percentage of visitors from video websites convert to a sale at about 25% of the time. The average conversion for the visitors from other sources is about 2-10%. This shows that using a video is far more effective towards making a sale and leads to a better conversion rate. I have also noticed an increase in conversion rates on my website by about 200% when I added a video to the sales page or the front page of my website. Video Marketing has been a Pleasant Surprise for me.

At first, I did not expect that video websites were going to be such incredible marketing medium. The videos I submitted were re-posted by many other websites and shared throughout the world. This experience transformed many small businesses overnight and transformed the way we looked at video websites.

One of the videos I created for a client went viral and that causes him to be flooded with orders. He had so many orders at such a short time that we was out of his product and shipping boxes. When he finally caught up with the orders he had sold over 4 years worth of products in just 3 months and he had many other offers and interest for future sales.

Video marketing on has become an integral part of my entire business and marketing strategy. Ever since that first video I have been improving different ways to create videos and test these videos to see which ones convert better and get more views and visitors. Many of our videos have well over one hundred thousand views and even if they are not huge hits they still bring visitors to my websites. It is always a good idea to keep creating videos and upload them to YouTube and different video websites because you never know what might take off later.

For example one video that was submitted to YouTube nearly 2 years ago for one of my websites is now having huge success. In the past 3 months it has jumped to almost 500K views and sales are way up as a result. But in the previous one and a half years the video only had 2 thousand views combined.

You should try to put up a video every two or three weeks. Staying frequent is important, but if you do not know how to create videos or you just don’t have time you can always use a video creation and distribution service. but relevance is

Here are some tips For Driving Sales with Video Marketing:

Viewers who go to video websites are not out there specifically for shopping, so consider when you are creating the video that You have to present your website or product in a fast and engaging way. This video should be an opportunity to develop an awareness of your product and your brand.

Video creation and marketing is a great cost-effective way to increase your clients and sales while building the message for your brand. With the shift of online content going to heavily into video and the eventual merging of online and traditional TV press this is a medium that your company should definitely be involved in.

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