Africa – Finding Jobs, Employment

Employment in Africa is concentrated in working volunteer programs or Internships with an NGO, a non-profit or not for profit organization. Internships and volunteer programs cover a wide gambit of fields including; women’s rights, environmental sustainability, refugee aid, ocean and marine life sustainability, economics, and helping to gather general country statistics (e.g. census reports or wildlife statistics).There are some great volunteer programs out in the world and they offer people a way to travel and do some good at the same time. Most programs don’t have a time limit and are happy if a person can stay and help for an extended period of time (at least 3 months or more). Although volunteer positions are unpaid, most programs offer free housing and food so your only expense is the plane ticket and spending money. I’d suggest defraying those expenses by teaching private English lessons on the side to make your spending money.There is one unique job opportunity, outside of working an internship or being a volunteer; that is becoming a Safari guide leader. In our research, we stumbled upon this adventure-based opportunity and explored exactly how you would become a guide. You have to go through a short basic course, which teaches you; how to handle groups out in the field, setting up a safe campsite, information on the local plants and wildlife, as well as how to examine signs that wildlife is in the area like paw prints and droppings. Upon completion of the course, you are eligible to obtain a Guide license and work for a huge number of tour operators (mostly in Kenya and South Africa). They are always looking for English speaking Guides.

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